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Current Release: Eight.js - v1.4

Note: I'm sure there's more functionality to be added so please let me know if there is anything you'd like implemented!

This project includes some basic utilities for helping you create Windows 8 HTML/JS applications quickly.

Currently this includes the below modules and functionality. Please see the Documentation for more information on these features.
  • Core Namespace
  • Binding
    • Contains a two-way binding mode, batch of boolean converters, and a bindable property initializer.
  • Log
    • Contains a series of functions to help with logging information during the lifetime of your application. Logs messages to a file in your local state folder. Provides methods for helping to display the log in the UI as well.
  • Message
    • Contains a series of functions to help with displaying messages to the user. Implements functions similar to native JavaScript's window.alert and window.confirm but also has functions for sending toast messages etc.
  • Network
    • Contains a series of functions to help with checking the current network connectivity status of the device the application is running on. Allows you to better structure your application to handle times when the user is online/offline or when their connection may be restricted.
  • Settings
    • Contains functions to help with setting up the settings charm with custom areas.
  • String
    • Contains basic string functions to help with tasks such as formatting strings, padding strings, and validating their contents.

This library does not modify any native objects' prototypes so you should be able to more readily refactor code that uses this library and not have to worry about odd mingling with other libraries.

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